Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am going to ♥JAPAN NEXT WEEK!

I'm staying in Tokyo for a week off to do some major shopping and sightseeing! This'll be my second time there and I'm super excited! I'll just be going over with one other friend- which means... complete freedom!

It feels like I have so much left to prepare D: I haven't even packed... Oh well!
I stopped by target today to pick up some travel sized toiletries. I could see myself stocking my entire house with little things like this!

Flipping through my collection of EGGs... I feel rather self-conscious about my weight. Okay, I know I shouldn't be complaining about it, I weigh 49.9 kg (you can convert that fufufu). Thats not bad AT ALL. But then....

Sorry its so blurry... it says she started at 44 kg and now she is 37 kg. GUHHH WHY SO THIN?
I'm sooo afraid that I'll go to Japan, see all the cute clothes I've been ogling over in magazines... then BAM I'm too big for them! I doubt I can loose very much in a week DDD:

Anyone have any insight about this?


  1. Omg you are so freaking lucky. My dream is to go to Japan one day. You have to take a million pictures and blog about everything and document it for all of us stuck here! I am sure you are going to have such a great time there!

    Don't do anything unhealthy to lose weight! You are really tiny. Most people that weigh the same as you fit into lolita so I am sure the other fashion clothing will be fine. Ask Jenny from sushi-cat.net for more about what you can find there.

    If you really are worried about it I have heard that detox diets and cleanses can help you lose weight in a week. You basically only drink water and a lemonade/chili powder/honey mixture (find more info than that if you are thinking about it, lol) for about a week and it is supposed to cleanse your system and restart your metabolism. It can be good for you and can help you lose weight I have heard. Don't quote me on, just saying.

    Love your blog so far!

  2. Oh yeah and do you have a twitter?

  3. @Caitlin
    I'll be sure to take a zillion million pictures! Last time I went, I only took about 100, and I lost them all when I was switching computers (FAIL).

    I wasn't planning on doing anything major as far dieting goes. I'm soooo lazy. But the detox thing sounds interesting- restarting my metabolism? Wow. Thats epik.

    Oh and I do have a twitter. I just dont post much/at all. I'll put up a link once I get my page looking the way I want it to. ♥ Thanks for reading!

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  5. Grr, thing is being anal. :X

    Anyways, as long as 110LB isn't mostly in your boobs or butt it shouldn't be a problem. LOL.

  6. @Cyndi
    Those would some crazy huge boobs/ass cheeks!
    I'd say I'm pretty balanced. Maybe a tad bit of a stomach pudge. But whatevs.

  7. God Egg can be SO psycho sometimes with weight!! Hahahaha
    In the design boutiques I found my bust was too big to fit in most tops :(. I'm a 36C though and those buggers were always 1 to 2 inches too much for many tops. If you're under that though you should be fine. Plus many other stores like UNIQLO fit perfect!