Monday, July 13, 2009

Japan... in a nutshell part 1

Instead of going through my Japan trip day by day, I decided to just highlight the best aspects.
So here we go!
I'll post my shopping haul in another post
guh here comes a crap load of pictures! I'll post them a bit smaller since there are so many >.< I think you can click on the pictures to make it bigger? (if not...failll)

We stayed in Shinagawa. Pretty nice area- a little boring compared to Shibuya/Shinjuku, but it worked out really well.

Tsutaya (sp?)! We spent so much time and money here, its not even funny. The drink there is a mango passion blended tea (I think). It was super good and saved me from dehydration a few times haha!

In Tsutaya I found these lovely items~ I was so tempted to buy the Hana Yori Dango (Korean) soundtrack, but it was like 3,000 yen (~$30). Big Bang was doing their promotions for My Heaven/Gara Gara Go. We totally missed their fanmeeting/photo session by ONE DAY. Guhhh...
Oh! We saw Rookies in theaters there! Only understood bits and pieces of the actual dialogue, but it was easy enough to follow the plot to be really really enjoyable. It was so much fun!
Yuu Shirota and Yamanote Yuusukue LOVE!

Shibuya, not doubt, is where we spent most/all our time. The first picture shows an ad for some vampire drama. We caught the last ten minutes of it... cant say its my favorite but the ads were everywhere!
The second picture is right outside of shibuya 109-2 (aka the meeting ground of all the hot men ladies in america dream of). We build up courage and walked up to the top levels (where the mens clothing is) and quickly QUICKLY left after being so intimidated by all the good looking men!

Center gai~
After scattering after the 109-2 overload, we headed to center gai to find the purikura mecha. We were out when all the club promoters were out. One guy stopped us, it went something like this:
Promoter: *wave* Hi!
Me: ............HI! *wave*
Promoter: Hungry?!
Me: *in Japanese* I dont speak Japanese!
Then we left quickly with the guy shouting stuff in Japanese after us.

There was a similar experience in Shinjuku. Some host was waving at us from a taxi. Me, being a doufus, waved back, which pleased the host very much. Then traffic slowed down and we ended up walking right near the taxi as it was taking a turn. They rolled down the window and kept waving at us. I think I continued to wave at them like an idiot haha!
So I got hit on by a host in Japan?

Thats it for now! I'll post another entry with all the stuff I bought!


  1. mmm that looks so good.. the mango tea !! i love mango tea hehe..

    hosts are the "hot men" who work at bars right?? and entertain..??

  2. oo i want to visit soon! looks so fun!

    cool that u got hit on by those host dudes! those host guys are so hot but we'll all probably leave with empty wallets since those clubs are so expensive!

  3. Lol
    Seems like you had a decent time in Shibuya
    Sad that you missed the Big Bang fanmeeting/photo session - maybe next time?

  4. Me *in Japanese*: I don't speak Japanese!